Performance & Wellbeing


Ideal for residential or commercial spaces, Recork has incredible health and comfort features that reduce noise, provide thermal insulation, increase walking comfort, improve air quality and ensure long-term performance.

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Wellbeing Durability
Performance Gaining Long Lasting Resilience 4.5m

We’ve designed Recork products to be robust and long lasting. The exceptional elasticity and compressibility of cork allows them to adapt to pressure and bounce back from impacts without suffering damage.

The innovative surface finish of Recork UNA, for example, delivers outstanding performance and protects your cork floor from the rigours of modern life. Our virtually invisible HFX finish is ultra matt, extremely scratch resistant and provides outstanding chemical and wear resistance. Designed to perform in both homes and commercial buildings, UNA can be periodically recoated, just like a timber floor, so it lasts a lifetime.

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Wellbeing Cleanair

From flooring planks to rugs, Recork products promote health and wellbeing through better indoor air quality.

Recork UNA, for example, is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic as it doesn’t harbour dust or promote the growth of mites, and the cork used is free from biocides. It emits exceptionally low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is third-party certified for air quality, with accreditations including TUV Proficert Premium, Blue Angel and GEV Emicode EC1 Plus.



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Wellbeing Comfort
Performance Natural Comfort 68%

Cork’s exceptional insulation properties come from its unique honeycomb structure, with millions of air-filled cells. Thermal insulation means cork flooring solutions feel warm, while acoustic insulation allows sound to be absorbed, creating tranquil environments that promote concentration and productivity. Cork also acts as an effective sound buffer between floors.

Recork delivers ideal walking comfort. It reduces the heel strike impact and related body tension associated with hard floors, while providing sufficient stability to reduce physical strain and prevent body fatigue. And it’s also non-slip.