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Stylish and sustainable, with a positive impact on wellbeing as well as on the planet, our Sugo cork rugs tick all the right boxes. But far more than that, they bring a unique combination of innovation and Portuguese craftsmanship to your home or workspace.

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Like all Recork products, Sugo rugs use natural cork harvested from cork oak forests that act as carbon sinks and actively reverse global warming. In fact, Sugo was the first product collection to incorporate sustainable cork into the traditional tapestry weaving process. While the vertical threads are 100% linen, the horizontal threads are made from cork and either wool or cotton, all ethically sourced or recovered from industrial production. Sustainability is guaranteed at all stages of the product’s lifecycle.      

Sugo rugs benefit from the unique characteristics of cork as a raw material. Because of its honeycomb structure, with millions of air-filled cells, cork has natural thermal and acoustic insulation proprieties. This means rugs made from cork help to reduce noise, as well as feeling warm and comfortable underfoot. The cork component makes rugs exceptionally hardwearing and, because cork is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, they even improve air quality.


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Recork Sugo rugs are designed, developed and manufactured in Portugal, with all materials sourced locally. The cork is harvested in the Portuguese Montado, or cork oak forests, and comes from bottle stopper production waste and early harvests. 

Two types of cotton are also used, which both reduce the environmental impact of the Portuguese textile industry. These are jersey mesh cotton which is recovered from industrial knitting waste, and ring or loop cotton which is formed from spinning and weaving waste. Where wool is used in Sugo rugs, it is sourced from a Portuguese producer of fully traceable and sustainable materials, with extraction practices that are positive for the animals.  

The rugs are woven on mechanical looms that require minimal physical effort to ensure the comfort and safety of operatives, while still manufacturing according to traditional tapestry techniques.

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The Recork Sugo rugs collection currently consists of four distinctive designs that combine different materials, patterns and textures, and are available in three sizes.   

Our first three rug designs combine cork with recovered cotton. Sugo Sofia and Sugo Maria both use upcycled cotton jersey woven into patchwork and taffeta patterns. While Sofia’s bold stripes and colour pop make it a more contemporary choice, Maria has an elegant and timeless look. Sugo Estela completes the cotton trio, with exceptionally soft recycled cotton loop in calming colours woven into a warm and gentle design.  

Sugo Clara is the final rug in the collection and is our first product to combine cork with Portuguese wool. With its dramatic, eye-catching design and cosy feel, Clara will be the focal point of any interior.


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