Our products can be purchased directly from Recork, or from a Recork Accredited Installer.

Bear in mind that our flooring is not a DIY product and requires professional installation and finishing. If you plan to use a local floorlayer please ensure they have the experience and equipment required to carry out the installation in accordance with our installation instructions.

Choosing to buy from a Recork Accredited Installer gives you the peace of mind that you have a carefully selected, fully trained professional supplying and installing your Recork floor. Find an Accredited Installer near you and contact them directly to request a quotation for the supply and install of your floor.

Recork Accredited Installers

Our flooring is an agglomerated composition cork floor suitable for most interior areas except damp or permanently wet areas, such as wet rooms. It is not designed for use on walls. The quality of the finished installation depends greatly on the standard of the subfloor, which must be dry, hard, stable, even and clean. Additional preparation will be required if the subfloor does not meet one or more of these requirements. Recork flooring is installed by gluing it down with a special adhesive that needs to be applied to both surfaces, the substrate and the back of the plank. After installation, the floor must be overcoated with our high quality HFX-2C Extra Matt PUR surface finish that preserves the natural appearance and feel of the raw cork whilst sealing the floor, providing outstanding protection against mechanical and chemical wear and ensuring the floor can be successfully recoated in future.

Subfloor Preparation Guide

Una Installation Guide