Recork products are made from natural cork, harvested from trees grown in well-managed cork oak Montado. These unique forests are not only essential carbon sinks, but also defenders in the fight against erosion and desertification, and supporters of fragile biodiverse ecosystems.

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Recork UNA has an exceptionally low carbon footprint of just 0.108 kg CO2eq/m2, but when you factor in carbon sequestered by the cork oak trees of the Portuguese Montado, that figure can reach a remarkable -193 kg CO2eq/m2. That means every square metre of Recork UNA removes up to 193 kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its lifetime.

So, thanks to the beautiful cork oak forests of the Western Mediterranean, which retain a staggering 14 million tonnes of CO2 each year, using Recork products really does help reverse global warming.

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In addition to absorbing prodigious amounts of CO2, the Montado helps preserve the natural environment. Its canopy creates a microclimate to limit summer and winter excesses and allow longer growth of herbaceous vegetation, and the cork oaks themselves regulate the water cycle by allowing rainwater to infiltrate and replenish groundwater. They also help soil conservation by forming a humus top layer, as well as making nutrients from deep in the soil available to vegetation. The Montado protects against erosion and acts as a barrier against desertification.


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The Montado is also a vital biodiverse ecosystem, just like Amazonia, the African Savanna and Borneo. It includes wildlife, grasslands and diverse flora, and provides a natural habitat for 200 animal species and 130 plant species per 1,000m2. Wildlife supported by the Montado includes rare and endangered species such as the Iberian lynx, the Iberian imperial eagle, the black vulture, the black stork and the Barbary stag. By supporting cork production in the Montado, Recork helps maintain this fragile and naturally biodiverse ecosystem.